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Ethiopia - Dumerso Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia - Dumerso Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a coffee with a complex origin and truly exotic flavor with pleasant acidity. Yirgacheffe is a coffee region in southern Ethiopia that produces distinctively floral and fruit-toned coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica from wild coffee trees. 

Tasting Notes: Smooth with notes of citrus and caramel

Roast: Medium

Processing: Washed

Roast: Medium 

Region: Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1,920-2,020m

Producer: Cooperative Union

Variety: Mixed heirloom


8 oz: Makes approximately 25 cups of coffee
12 oz: Makes approximately 35-40 cups of coffee
16 oz: Makes approximately 50 cups of coffee

BREWING TIP: Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.

GRIND only as much as you need for one cup or one pot of coffee.

CHOOSE the correct grind. Fine for espresso, medium for automatic drip, and coarse for French Press.

MEASURE ground coffee to taste. Start with two level tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of cold filtered or bottled water.

STORE in an airtight container to protect the flavor and aroma and ensure rich, fresh-tasting coffee. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Julia G
Tasty tasty coffee!

Enjoying every cup of Yirgachaffe, and looking forward to trying the other beans/roasts as well!

Caroline Bell
Spectacular Coffee

Very smooth blend. I love the quality and smell. I look forward to drinking it every morning. If you're looking for delicious Ethiopian coffee beans, Moii coffee is where it's at!

Excellent choice for those espresso drinkers out there!

Can't go wrong with the med roast Yirgacheffe beans for your morning espresso! Bold enough to handle the milk and yet still bring out the chocolate, fruity notes of the beans. My go to.

Thomas Lloyd
Smooth and no bitter after taste

I was recommended to try this coffee and wow, it was awesome and more than I expected. It was smooth, and it didn't have the normal bitter after taste that normally comes with a full body coffee. Definitely a great buy!

Jen G
My fav coffee

Love the medium roast yirgacheffe! And Firaol is great!!