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Ethiopia - Fulasa Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia - Fulasa Yirgacheffe

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Ayele Fulasa comes from a family of generational coffee farmers and inherited 4 hectares from his father. He uses coffee-producing techniques that have been passed down through his family for generations to craft these complex and amazing coffees.

Ayele mainly produces natural coffees. He carefully picks ripe cherries by hand. Then, he spreads the cherries out on raised beds to dry in the sun, which takes about 2-3 weeks. During this period, he picks out any defects and separates them from the good cherries. This coffee is sweet with light body.  

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Strawberry, vanilla

Roast: Light Roast

Process: Natural

Region: Idido, Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 2,090 - 2,200 m

Producer: Ayele Fulasa

Variety: 74112



8 oz: Makes approximately 25 cups of coffee
12 oz: Makes approximately 35-40 cups of coffee
16 oz: Makes approximately 50 cups of coffee

BREWING TIP: Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.

GRIND only as much as you need for one cup or one pot of coffee.

CHOOSE the correct grind. Fine for espresso, medium for automatic drip, and coarse for French Press.

MEASURE ground coffee to taste. Start with two level tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of cold filtered or bottled water.

STORE in an airtight container to protect the flavor and aroma and ensure rich, fresh-tasting coffee. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

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Best Coffee I've Ever Bought Online

I don't understand how you can find better coffee than this. This is the kind of coffee you didn't realize even existed or that you were missing out on. I believe you will know great coffee when you try it for the first time—this is THAT coffee.

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